Monday, February 18, 2008

A case of pregnancy brain

A few days before Valentine's Day the Gillespies decided that they should get Karen a birthday present. After bouncing around a few ideas they decided that the perfect gift would be a Kool Aid pitcher. Once upon a time Karen had a Kool Aide pitcher but it ended up misplaced or broken somewhere.

Sister Gillespie set Diana to the task of searching eBay, which Diana gladly did. Much to her amazement she found a pitcher listed with a "Buy it now!" price of only $2.50, with $2.00 shipping. Since they only had a few days left before Karen's birthday she jumped on the opportunity.

When we went to dinner at Andrew's parents' house last night and Karen wanted to show us her gift.

"Stay here," she said, "I'll go get it." And she walked into her bedroom.

I thought that was kind of a strange place to keep a Kool Aid pitcher, but who was I to judge.

Then Karen brought the Kool Aid Pitcher out from behind her back. This is what she got: a laminated Kool Aid Pitcher bookmark.

Poor Diana had thought she had found a great deal until the package--or should I say envelope--arrived in the mail.

Even though the listing on eBay clearly says "Bookmark--Kool Aid Pitcher, a must see!" I can't say that I blame Diana for this error. After all she was pregnant when she ordered it and I know how well my brain works when I'm pregnant so I'm not going to put any fault on her there. Secondly, the accompanying picture looks a little more like a pitcher than a bookmark.

Of course, this is exactly what the bookmark looks like as well. Someone printed this exact picture out, laminated it, hole punched it, and tied a little tassel on it.

A little pricey for a piece of paper, but it did end up being the "perfect gift," as it claimed to be in the item description. Karen got a kick out of it!


  1. OK. That was funny. Reason 3 to never shop on eBay. ;)

  2. I don't know how I feel about this post being here. :P But hey, I made it on your blog twice in a few days!

  3. Oh, Diana, it's hilarious...besides I blamed it on pregnancy, not on you. Everyone understands to never cross a pregnant woman (which is why I waited until you were unpregnant to post this--just kidding. We just found out about it on Sunday. Still funny).

  4. I like searching my name and being reminded of embarrassing moments of my life through your eyes.

  5. I like searching my name and being reminded of embarrassing moments of my life through your eyes.

  6. I do not remember reading this in 2008, so thanks to Diana for commenting on it so I could read it today! Glad I am not the only one--I ordered a shamrock to use for Primary, and what I thought I ordered and what I got were very different, and not in a pleasing way!And when I had it in hand, and went back and read the description...yup.