Friday, February 29, 2008

Pine cones and fire hydrants

It's been so nice outside lately. I think Rachel and I have gone for a walk almost everyday this week, and today was no different. This afternoon Rachel was being fussy so I got out the stroller and she clapped her hands. I like being applauded for everything that I do. It makes even the most trivial task seem a whole lot more meaningful.

We walked to the church and then I let Rachel get out and play on the grass. She had to put everything in her mouth, of course. She didn't really like the pine needles, but enjoyed the grass, leaves and pine cones a little too much. I kept having to dig little bits and pieces of things out of her mouth. She wouldn't surrender the pine cone so we brought that home with us.

After we were finished playing in the grass we ambled over to a fire hydrant. First I told Rachel about what fire hydrants are used for and then I told her about the time when we had a fire hydrant right in our front yard and Uncle David accidentally rode his bike into it and did a back flip on his bike and landed it! She didn't seem very impressed by that; she just wanted to play with the chains dangling from the hydrant.

The best part about walking is that Rachel uses up a lot of her energy and is often ready for a short nap when we get home, which means that I can get some things done without having her as my shadow!


  1. Did you also remember to tell her what dogs do to fire hydrants, so she'd know not to put it in her mouth?!

  2. Hmmm...that one seemed to slip my mind...but I don't think she tried sucking on the hydrant, so I think we're in the clear. :)

  3. Oh, once one of the twins (I think it was Sabrina) ate a handful of if Rachel got a few licks of territorial markers, I think she'll survive. :)