Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Day Late

We celebrated National Pancake Day a day late...just like last year. Andrew seems to always have to work on Tuesdays so we can't find the time to celebrate it on its intended day. For some reason we forgot to put it on our menu--it shall be remembered in the future, but probably a day late.

Andrew came home from work and started to make the pancakes. I told him that he should make "magic pancakes" since it's Valentine's Day Eve. He was one step ahead of me.

"What a time to get a bloody nose," he commented as I watched him put the food coloring away.

Luckily I saw him put the food coloring in there--it looks a little too real for me! He usually avoids me when he gets bloody noses because I really don't like them at all!

Gross, Andrew, gross!
While I made the syrup, he made up a huge stack of pancakes, including a cute little heart-shaped one, all of them dyed pink. We ate them with blueberries and applesauce and butter and syrup and strawberries. The strawberries were the last thing to come out of our newly installed microwave (thanks Uncle Raymond and Karen!). I set them in front of Andrew's plate.

No, we didn't eat them all
"Wow, these pink pancakes smell like strawberries!" Andrew remarked when he sat down, "Is there strawberry flavoring in the red food coloring?"

"Oh, yeah," I affirmed sarcastically, thinking that he was remembering, as I was, the time we had tricked Emily into thinking we had magic pancake batter that changed color and flavor depending on how many times you stirred it--really we were just sneaking food coloring in when she wasn't looking. Strawberry, blueberry...and that's as far as we got before we couldn't think of any other foods that would match any color we could make by adding more food coloring.

"Really? I didn't know they..." he started to express his amazement before he saw the credulous look on my face.

"Seriously?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, "They really smell like strawberries to me. Can't you smell it?"

"That would be the strawberries," I explained.

"Okay, then," he said quickly, ending the conversation before I could tease him, "Let's pray."

Dinner was great, although I think I was the only civilized person at the table. Of course, I had the camera in my command the whole time and so even if I was gross there is no evidence of it.


  1. How weird that America celebrates Pancake Day a week late... Shrove Tuesday was last week. That's when Lent started, and it's pancake day for all good Catholics and CofEers. :) My new niece was born on Pancake Day this year! Hooray. She's really cute, too...

  2. I think I'll celebrate pancake day today, those look too darn good!

  3. Meh--so we were a day and a week late. Oops :) You have to understand that the only calendar in our house is an Islamic calendar and apparently they aren't big into pancakes...