Saturday, February 23, 2008

Running Errands

Yesterday Rachel and I walked from our house to Orem Floral and Gift to get some flowers, to our house to put the flowers in the fridge, to Petsmart to buy goldfish, to the bank to deposit some checks, and back to our house.

It was a pretty long walk--at least three miles. It took us about two hours to complete all our little errands. Rachel was really happy the whole way: napping, looking at things, singing her own little songs, shaking her head 'no,' etc. And then we left the pet store...that's when Rachel really kicked up a fuss. She started howling, and then she added some kicking and head banging and full body convulsions, trying to break free of her restraints.

When we finally got to the bank after what seemed like a long, and very noisy, walk I said,

"Now you have to be very quiet, Rachel, we're going inside and no one wants to hear this."

She buttoned her lip the minute I opened the door (she's very obedient at times) and was quiet the whole time I was making the transaction. The minute I turned to leave, though, she started up right where she left off--at a full-blown wail. I finally took her out of her stroller and held her while I tried to push it. When that got too difficult I balanced her on the handlebar and pushed that way for a while. She was extremely happy when we got home, as was I!


  1. Rachel is adorable all bundled up. Hopefully soon you'll get warmer weather.

  2. That is such a cute picture! (I promise, I planned to say that before I saw David's!)

  3. I, too, came to the comment section to say that photo is so cute!!!