Thursday, February 28, 2008

Non-Book of Mormon Story

Our current family scripture study typically occurs simultaneously with Rachel's last nurse of the evening. Andrew reads to me and Rachel while I try to get Rachel to simmer down and close her eyes instead of clapping her hands (a new thing that she just started to do today) or poking either of us in the eyes, or grabbing at the book. It can be a real challenge for us, which is why Andrew now does all the reading (with the scriptures angled well away from Rachel and me) and I just sit and hold Rachel.

Today he grabbed the bookmark and flipped open to where we had left off from the night before. He stared at the page for a minute and scanned down it using his finger. Satisfied, he tapped the book with his finger and said,

"Ah, yes, here we are."

He then proceeded to read from the scriptures slowly, deliberately, and with great meaning, "Aaron.... Abel.... Abinadi.... Abinadom.... Abish.... Ablom.... Abraham.... Adam.... Agosh.... Aha..."

My silly husband wouldn't stop reading. It was worse than listening to the "begats;" it was the begats without the begats. I always lose my focus while reading (or, especially, listening to someone read) the lineage listed in the scriptures so before my attention span was all but gone I tried to drown out his mindless iteration by squalling,

"I, Nephi! Having been born of goodly parents!"

We had finished the Book of Mormon and forgot to put the bookmark back at the beginning of the book. According to the bookmark we were at the pronouncing guide in the back. Apparently I'm married to an impractical realist.


  1. It's a good thing she stopped me. I was going to plow through to the end of the index. :)

  2. Good grief. That's just, well... yeah. Silly?

  3. You guys make me laugh. The other night when we were reading scriptures, we were reading two entirely different chapters and it took about 6 verses to realize it.

  4. I made matt read this because that's totally something he would do