Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drama Queen

The wood floor is still as scary as it was before, Rachel just got braver, thus the reason she screams while she crawls across it. She's brave, yes, just not brave enough to hide her emotions.

My favorite part of this clip is when she decides she's giving up and tries to do so without looking like she wimped out. Don't be fooled. She totally wimped out.

She does this all. the. time. Not just on the wood floor, either. She does it whenever she thinks anything is too hard. "Oh, man! I can't pull myself all the way up. Maybe if I bang my head on the table leg mom will help me. Of course, I don't actually want to hurt myself. Easy does it..."

I'm not sure exactly what she's thinking but I can certainly see the wheels turning.


  1. Hey there! Sorry I haven't been very good at leaving comments lately. It's just so annoying to type one-handed (since I'm usually holding Kelsi). ;)

    Anyway, this is too funny...well not funny that she's crying or banging her head on the floor, but you know what I mean. I got a kick out of that "line of demarcation" post. :)

  2. What a poser. Are you ready for when she's a teenager? lol

  3. I don't even want to imagine how many times she's going to cry, "My life is over!"

  4. Hah! You deserve it! I can remember a little head-banging-ish behavior coming from you--I got an A-!!! I have to write another paper about Persuasion!! :o)