Wednesday, February 06, 2008

By way of announcement...

Rachel's hair is 4 inches long! I measured.

And yesterday at my primary meeting we went into a room that only had the little sunbeam chairs. Rachel was in baby heaven. She thought all the chairs were just for her. She loved standing against them and banging on them and walking along them. She actually walked the length of two sunbeam chairs, went right from one to the next. I wasn't so thrilled about that--after all, she's only six months old--but she was pretty happy, at least until she fell over.

And I heard the saddest story. Sister Gurney's grandmother-in-law passed away last week. She was almost 107. None of her children were at her funeral because she had outlived them all! How sad is that! The cool thing, though, is that she joined the church when she was like 95 or 96. I think that's pretty neat. She made history!


  1. Unfortunately I can't remember her's not Gurney, that's for sure. It's something else...sorry, that's all my brain's got. :)