Saturday, February 23, 2008

Loser Takes All

"I win!" I declared, snuggling my last piece between two others already out on the table and perhaps sticking my tongue out at Andrew, "Best two out of three."

"However," said Andrew, "I told a cool scriptural joke, so in fact I win."

We were just relaxing over a few post-wedding cupcakes, playing Triominoes, and discussing the story of Cain and Abel.

One of those things is not like the other. One of those things just doesn't belong...but it kind of does. It just takes a long story to make it relate, which is why I'm terrible at multiple choice questions. I can make any answer seem like the right answer, even if I know it's wrong.

See, we had a dearth of pieces to play in each our hands and so were just taking turns drawing. It got to be very boring and we began to ignore what we were drawing, which isn't a very good strategy, if you think about it.

Andrew drew his piece and then I drew my piece and then it was Andrew's turn to draw again.

"What piece did I just draw?" he asked, quickly scanning his available pieces.

"I don't know...some piece from the draw pile."

"I know," he pressed, "But which one?"

"Am I my husband's pieces' keeper?"

"Technically, yes."

We then began discussing how 'Am I my brother's keeper?' is a very oft-quoted scripture and is usually used to claim ignorance, and to make oneself feel better about neglecting a certain duty. I mentioned that it is ironic that we so often use it the wrong way since the villain of the story said the line and we say it like he had a good point.

"Yes. Cain was bad," Andrew agreed, "And why did Cain kill his brother?"

I stared at him blankly, "Because he was bad?"

"Because he was Abel!"

Perhaps it was the lateness of the hour. Perhaps it was the four cupcakes that I just ate, in rapid procession. Perhaps it was all the bubbly cider that I had. Perhaps it was because I find my husband absolutely hilarious.

Whatever the reason, I thought this joke was terribly, terribly funny. So I suppose Andrew did win that round of triominoes, for being the funniest player. I won overall though. I always win. And I think I just figured out a way to keep my victory in place forever--didn't Andrew just give me permission to look at his pieces? I am their keeper, after all.

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  1. Ha. That was a terrible joke. :-D And Andrew is probably going to regret that he ever suggested that you should be paying attention to what pieces he draws for him! :) :) I shall be interested to see how this plays out in the long run....