Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dessert Fair and Possesed Microwaves

I spent the afternoon making carrot brownies for the ward dessert fair, complete with homemade cream cheese frosting and topped with little carrots. I definitely need to work on my leaf-making skills.

After trying so much frosting in my attempt to get it the right consistency I was definitely sick of sweets so I decided to make some chicken noodle soup for dinner, using the microwave. I'm not sure why I decided to use the microwave because we typically use the stove for soup--just in a lazy mood, I guess.

Well, the microwave dinged and I opened it up to check on the soup and, much to my surprise, the minute the door opened the microwave started cooking again! I quickly closed the door, and stood there stunned, and partially microwaved.

I thought for sure I was deluding myself, so I opened the door again. The same thing happened. I closed the door and thought that perhaps I just hit the "fan" button both times I opened it (we have a fan button on our microwave...go sits above our stove), so I closed it and tried to cook it for five minutes longer.

The light came on and the time started going down like it was cooking...but it wasn't making any noise. I called for Andrew and he opened the door. It started cooking. He stuck his hand inside! and said, "It's way hot in there!" and closed the door.

He flipped the breaker for the kitchen to see if that would solve the problem. It didn't. I don't know why it would have. And then we stewed about how to best get the soup out of the microwave without cooking ourselves. I guess it was the pressure of the situation wearing on our minds because we didn't think to unplug the thing for about five minutes!

Dinner was...mediocre to say the least, and our mishap made us run late.

But we made it over to the church and had a great time. We had a cake walk and they were playing fun music. Andrew and I were walking and watching Bonnie and Matt dance away. They had given Amy off to a friend and were free to do as they liked. Rachel, on the other hand, is still a little attached to us and wasn't so willing to be passed off so we just walked to the beat with her.

She was having a great time on Andrew's shoulders--pulling his hair and hitting his head and laughing and squealing. Then a polka came on and I couldn't resist any longer so we took Rachel off his shoulders, put her on my hip and did a few polka basics.

I don't think I've ever seen her so scared in all her life. She was absolutely howling and wouldn't let anyone hold her but me for the next twenty minutes or so. It was kind of funny.

When she was calmed down enough and they had announced all the prizes, we got to eat the yummy desserts that everyone had brought.

Rachel got down and played with all the little kids. Sawyer is walking now and Rachel had fun trying to chase him around. She also had a lot of fun playing with Hannah and Isabelle and Eliza, but most especially with Amy.

Sometimes I wonder if Rachel has cannibalistic tendencies, but I think it's just that she's over friendly/curious. Here she is giving Amy a nice big smooch on her head (it kind of looks like she's eating her but I assure you it is a kiss).

And here she is delicately holding Amy's ear. It looks innocent enough but not even two seconds later she went in with a big, wide mouth intending to take a nice bite of it. She was stopped only moments away from doing so and wasn't too happy about it.

She also showed Amy how she crawls. She leaves Amy in the dust, but Amy is six weeks younger than Rachel, so it's okay. Amy was mostly interested in Rachel's pants, anyway.


  1. Why does stuff like this always happen to you? You blog like these sort of random things are daily occurrences. :)

  2. Welcome to our life. Everyday is an adventure.

  3. I think that your little carrots look great! I would think it would be so hard to make such little details with leaves that small! Also, your other cake looked great too! I read in that post that you are planning on doing your sister's wedding cake? Let us know how that turns out!

    And of course, I love the pictures!

  4. I quickly closed the door, and stood there stunned, and partially microwaved.

    This is quite possibly the funniest sentence I've read all week. A day later, and it still makes me giggle :)