Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet Ride

One of Rachel's favorite modes of transportation is Daddy. She loves to sit on his shoulders and play with his head. He's so good about having her up there--they both look so secure. She holds onto his hair and/or ears and/or nostrils, she digs her heels under his collar bone, and squeezes his neck with her thighs. All that work and she looks as relaxed as can be.

I'm sure he's brave enough to just let her sit up there but he holds onto her for my sake.

I tried having her on my shoulders and it just wasn't as much fun for anyone. She weighs almost a fifth of my body weight and apparently it isn't comfortable to carry that much weight on your head. Furthermore I have way too much hair for her to pull on. And lastly, I was so nervous I couldn't even stand up all the way--I was afraid she'd pitch backwards and land on her head--even though I was holding onto both of her legs for dear life.

I guess it's just a Daddy thing. I don't mind being left out of this one. They have so much fun when they're together and since Daddy is hardly ever home I'm just glad that they can be such good friends when he is!


  1. Wa hey! :) I don't think I've ever met a kid who didn't like a neck ride at some point in his/her life. What fun!
    (If you're beginning to think I'm making really retarded comments, it's because I am... I'm loving this leading edge in the number of comments made on your blog. Hehe)

  2. i think guy's shoulders were made for rides--just like girls hips were made for birthing :)