Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Resolutions

I totally missed making any New Years Resolutions this year. Actually, I think that I made them but I didn't tell anyone about them and I didn't write them down and so I didn't keep them...or even remember what they were. To make up for that I decided to make some Leap Year Resolutions in honor of this, the twenty-ninth day of February.

I have yet to decide whether I should keep them for one year or if I need to be diligent all the way until 2012. There is no Anyway, here it goes:

1) Keep up with the lessons in both Sunday School and Relief Society. I realized this month how much church I miss at times to go do primary stuff--not that primary stuff isn't church, because it's just different church. I went to Sunday School once this month. And I think I made it to Relief Society two and a half times. I definitely need to be reading the manuals so that I can keep up. It should also help give me focus in my personal scripture study.

2) Gain some weight. This might seem like an odd goal to some, but I really do need to put one a pound (or ten or more). The only way I figure this can happen is if I exercise more because muscle weighs more than fat, while eating more calories than I burn by exercising and breast feeding combined. This might be an impossible task but I really need to gain back enough weight to at least be back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I should not weigh less than I weighed in high school. That's just wrong.

3) Finish the "Jordan Book" and start working on the rest of our family history. I think I made the Jordan Book template too complex, but Andrew and I have both been learning a lot about the Adobe Creative Suite so if I can just pull that project off the back burner I don't think it should take too long to finish.

If we end up not going to Egypt I think I'll try to learn how to sew, but I'm not going to put that as an official goal because I really want to go to Egypt and I can't guarantee that I will learn to sew even if we do end up staying here.

We finally heard something from AUC, by the way. They told us that we won't hear anything until after April 1st. We can now stop racing to the mailbox...until April 1st, that is.


  1. How in the world is it even possible to weigh less than you did in high school?!?!! I'll give you some of my extra fat!

  2. How about I have liposuction and send the fat to you in a bottle. That would bring me down to my high school weight and you up to your pre-pregnancy weight and then some, if you want. Like, +40 pounds then some.