Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kangaroo Zoo

For playgroup today we all headed out to Kangaroo Zoo* to let the toddlers bounce around a bit. I got a ride with Bonnie, who was babysitting her grand-nephew, in her five seater, four-door car. It was a tight squeeze but we got all three car seats buckled up safely in the back.

We stopped to get gas and I saw Visanti there. She waved at me and then came over to Bonnie's car and opened the driver's door. Bonnie was out pumping gas and was a little nervous about having a stranger approach her car and open the door while she had three babies buckled in the back, even with me sitting in the passenger seat. She relaxed quite a bit when she noticed the friendly tone that Vasanti and I were using with each other.

"Which one is yours?" she asked.

"That one," I said, pointing to the middle seat.

"Oi, she's so big! She looks like you!" she said, with her perfect Hindi accent (I wish I could type a Hindi accent) and then she left.

Bonnie got back in the car.

"Did you know her?" she asked, a little anxious, "I like to think that strangers are friendly, but still..."

I reassured Bonnie and we were off again. We didn't hear any unhappy noises the whole way to Pleasant Grove. When we checked on them after getting to the "zoo" they were all sound asleep.

Rachel and I (and Bonnie and Amy and Jack) were free because we were just going to watch. We still had to fill out release forms and when I turned mine in the cashier was like, "Just one child, then?"

I told her that was correct. And then she read the form--I'm sure when she got to the part where I wrote Rachel's age (7 months) she decided to check with me to see if we'd be playing. It's a good thing, too! I didn't want to pay five dollars just to carry Rachel around. I was just glad that the five of us walked in the the Schaefermeyers, who followed us on the way, so that we could say we were watching the girls play...and weren't just going to hang out in Kangaroo Zoo with a bunch of infants just for kicks.

It actually looks like a lot of fun. Heather said that we can borrow Ian sometime and take him on a "date" with us so that we don't feel silly going down all the toys without a child. We might just take her up on that offer!

We had a lot of fun watching all the kids run their parents ragged. Poor Kim was really getting a workout with her twins splitting up on her all the time! They looked like they were having a blast though.

A lot of the furniture (and some of the toys in the 2-and-under area that we didn't play in) came from IKEA. Interestingly enough a lot of the kids were really interested in a little green stool. Ian brought it over to us while we were sitting around breastfeeding (like four of us at once!) and Rachel took over it after he left. She liked that it was just her size.

*I should have checked their website for promotions earlier. There is a $2.00 off coupon. Shucks. At least Rachel and I were free because we were just watching. I'm sure everyone else would have appreciated it though. Perhaps we will make better use of their online promotions in the future...


  1. I know Kim & Natalie & I used coupons. Having $2 dollars off was a great deal...$3 for a couple hours play that was not bad at all. Ian sure loved it and didn't want to leave. We will have to make another trip soon!!!!

  2. Oh, good! I'm glad that you all used the coupon!

  3. Love the pictures. Amy's face in the one where she is staring at Rachel makes me laugh a lot. And I love both girls' faces on the one where Rachel is smiling and Amy is trying to eat the bench. So funny! Rachel really does have some great expressions! Thanks for posting all these fun things!

  4. That's one of my favorites, too! I actually almost cropped Amy out of the picture before I posted it (no offense) but then I noticed her tongue sticking out and I just couldn't bring myself to. It was far too cute!