Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I got the trash ready to take outside this afternoon and started getting bundled up to go outside. It's kind of warm out, everything is melting, but still I chose to put on a coat. I considered not putting one on, braving the cold, and running to the trash bin as fast as I could, but I hate being cold.

So I opened the closet and grabbed my coat.

Rachel was watching me the whole time and when she saw I was getting ready to go outside she got so excited; it kind of reminded me of a puppy. She pushed up on all fours and started bouncing and squealing. After all that I couldn't leave her inside. She would have been terribly disappointed, so I bundled her up as well, threw her in the front carrier and grabbed the trash.

She was so happy to be leaving the house. We really haven't gotten out much since she's been sick. I haven't wanted to walk anywhere with her because she's had such a bad cough. But I think she's starting to feel better--her nose isn't as gobbery and she hasn't had a fever for a few days--so I didn't feel guilty taking her on a little outing. Besides the fresh air probably does her as much good as being cooped up does.

Although my feelings for the cold are less than amiable, I kind of like how pretty winter can be. Rachel and I looked at all the pretty icicles and listened to them dripping onto the ground. We looked at the melting snow and how the ice was disappearing from the pavement. Odd how all my favorite things about winter kind of revolve around spring, or at least how the evidence of cold is disappearing.

One of my favorite parts of living in "the valley" is that it snows and is really fresh and pretty, but then it melts away before I can really get sick of it. At least, it's been pretty good about doing that this year. We've gotten a nice sized storm every week or so but there's usually been a warm spell in between storms to get rid of all the icky dirty snow and give me a little sunshine. Then it snows again and everything is glistening a pristine white...and then it melts. Truthfully though, I think I could do without cold weather for a while.


  1. It's great, isn't it... how even the littlest kids have this radar for going outside, and an even better one for finding dirt and playing in it. :)

  2. You'll shoot your eye out! You'll shoot your eye out!