Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel

Rachel has been working on quite a few skills lately. Yesterday at the zoo she started clapping her hands. Last night a dinner she was clapping her hands after every bite. Today she clapped before each meal, while playing games, in the bath tub, and just about whenever she could fit a clap in.

She's starting to be a lot more independent. She has almost overcome her fear of the wood floor, although she won't crawl normally on it yet. She still gets up on her hands and feet and tries to bear crawl across it so that she touches it as little as possible. But she doesn't mind crawling after me, following me all over the house, whether on carpeted or wood floors. While she follows me she says, "Mom, mom, ma, ma, mom, mmmmom, mommmm." I don't think she knows what she's saying but it makes me happy. Yesterday she even said a nice, big, "Da!" which made Andrew happy.

While I was putting in the laundry this morning she crawled into the kitchen and pulled herself up on one of the chairs.

"I'm ready for breakfast, mom!"
So Proud!
I suppose I ignored her a little too long while I was cleaning today. She kept calling out for me,

"Mmmaa! Mom! Maaamama! Phllllph! Ba!" (Pay attention to me, mom!)

But I kept ignoring her because she seemed to be playing so well on her own. Suddenly she got really quiet and that's always a good sign that I need to check on her, so I walked back into the living room and found her playing with a picture of Andrew and me. It was as if she decided that even if I wouldn't play with her, she could still play with me.

If you couldn't tell from those pictures, Rachel's hair was in great need of a wash when she got up this morning so this afternoon I put her in the tub. She has learned quite a lot about tub etiquette.

First she learned that you shouldn't stand up in the tub (but she loves to try, often resulting in tears) and then she learned that you shouldn't pee in the tub (but she thinks it's hilarious, especially if she's standing up while she goes).

When she wants to stand up she gets a very determined look on her face.

And then I tell her to stop and sit down and she gives me a look like this:


  1. "She has almost overcome her fear of the wood floor, although she won't crawl normally on it yet."

    This isn't true anymore. As of 6:00 this evening she crawls with equal speed and ease on both carpet and wood.

  2. Nancy I'm jealous she says ma-ma - Robby has been saying Da Da for about 3 months and refuses to say mom. :( I love that she was playing with the picture of you guys! Too cute!