Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm so (so, so) glad when daddy comes home

Today was just one of those days. Every time I turned my back something mischievous or terrible happened. I try not to leave Rachel unattended because she tends to be a little...busy. However, I think it is impossible to do everything I'm supposed to do in a day without leaving her unattended for at least a little bit. Even our crib warned us to not leave our baby unattended in it. How is that even possible? I have to sleep sometime....

Anyway, Rachel was feeling rather cooped up today so we went outside for a little walk. She kicked her little legs the whole way and had a really good time. She was not very happy when we got home though. She wanted to stay outside and she was not afraid to let me know about it. Finally she calmed down and I put her on the floor to play while I folded up the stroller, which takes all of 30 seconds.

While I was folding the stroller, however, Rachel crawled over to the TV stand and pulled herself up. Ordinarily this wouldn't have been a big deal because she successfully pulls herself up on the TV stand probably about 20 times a day. Now, I'm not sure exactly what happened because it seems it happened the same second I bent my head to fold the stroller...but she totally toppled over and smacked her head into the corner of the receiver.

She started screaming. Being the good mom that I am, I said,

"You're okay, baby," and continued to say comforting things while I stuffed the stroller into the closet.

She ignored me and kept screaming, so I went to pick her up. When I did I noticed that she had blood oozing down her face. Not okay.

I used a cold cloth to try and soak up the blood and apply some direct pressure. Things got a lot better after about three minutes--Rachel stopped screaming because she was too busy trying to suck on the cloth and the blood had stopped flowing quite so freely. What is it with head wounds and bleeding a lot?

I put a little band-aid on it with some papaya cream to keep it moist while it heals. Hopefully she won't end up with a scar--it's really a pretty deep cut.

I wasn't really worried about her having a concussion or anything because she was just as active as ever after she had quelled her emotion. We went into the bedroom to fold laundry and she had a great time playing in the warm clothes fresh from the dryer and unfolding everything I had just finished folding.

In not too long, but twice as long as it would have taken without Rachel's help, all the clothes were folded and put in their respective places, except for one little wash cloth. I put Rachel on the floor by the foot of the bed on Andrew's side to play with a pair of his shorts and I walked to the bathroom closet to put away the cloth.

By the time I got back into the bedroom Rachel had crawled over to our CD shelf and was busy making her selection, joyfully pulling all the CDs off and throwing them on the floor. I was gone for less than a minute. The girl is just too fast for her own good.

She certainly keeps me on my toes. I won't even go into details about how she found the dustpan and started using it as a chew toy while I was making dinner, or how she pulled half the books off the bottom shelf in our bedroom, or how she pulled everything off her change table during her "nap time," or how she...

We were both very happy to see daddy walk in the door.


  1. Oh no that must've been scary to see her bleeding like that! Ahhh! Glad it wasn't too big of a disaster!

  2. Head wounds and blood... something to do with the brain needing a LOT of blood and so there just being a lot of blood up there.
    I love how instead of stopping her tearing the CDs apart, you got the camera and took a lot of pictures. :-D

  3. Hey, at least I stopped the blood before I took a picture :)

  4. Katryn LOVES to be held, so we're also so glad when daddy comes home!

    glad rachel didn't need stitches! my nephew did something similar a few weeks ago--8 stitches in the forehead.