Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A morning with Rachel

Andrew's defending his prospectus today so had to leave the house a little earlier than usual which meant that I got to wait for the bus with Rachel. I completely checked out of her morning routine this year, which makes me equal parts sad and happy. It's been so nice to not have to wake up early in the morning with the pregnancy blahs and I really appreciate Andrew adjusting his schedule so he can be the one to wait for the bus every day, but I also felt a little bit of guilt for never seeing her in the morning. Then a friend reminded me that those one-on-one moments with her dad are important, too, and that I had nothing to feel guilty about.

It was nice to see a fresh and cheerful Rachel, though! Usually by the time she's home from school her hair is wild and her temper short. That's how she gets out of bed, too, but it wears off over breakfast and she eventually morphs into a happy (slightly silly) child.

This morning we were checking on our garden—we planted wild flower seeds in our front flower bed and they haven't really taken off yet (and now I'm not even sure what are weeds and what are real plants so I don't want to weed yet even though it looks like weeds might be taking over, which, let's be honest, is what has happened in our side flower bed)—and found big dew drops had gathered quite charmingly on one particular kind of plant.

I don't know what plant this is—whether it's friend or foe—or why the dew gathers like this on its leaves, but it was quite pretty to look at, so even if it turns out to be a weed I guess it was worth it to have it in the garden this long!