Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Benjamin's Birthday Poster

It's finally finished! It only took, like, three years, but it's finally finished! I had it all put together by March and was just waiting to get some pictures from Andrew's computer (since we usually download our "nice" pictures there and I only have snapshots from the point-and-shoot cameras on mine). We vowed we'd have it on the wall before Zoë was born so last night I said, "We need to just finish this already—do you have like five minutes?" And when we were finished he said, "Oh, is that all you had left?! I was totally holding you back!" 

Just a little bit, there, Mr. Prospectus.

It was fun to go through his pictures again. He was quite a suspicious infant. We hardly have a shot of him looking at ease until he's around three months old! We have big goofy baby smiles on the girls' posters from around a month old for each of them, but from Benjamin all we could find was a suspicious scowl. A what-are-you-going-to-poke-me-with-now face. A thanks-for-ripping-those-stickers-off-my-cheeks-again face. A why-am-i-even-here face. 

The middle picture (his 2 month picture) was supposed to be a picture of him in his blessing outfit (and he's in it—that much is true) but he was freaking out in 100% of the pictures...until I swaddled him up nice and tight (so you can't see his outfit at all). Then he calmed down enough to peek at us through his eyelids, obviously not pleased at all with his lot in life. 

It's funny because I don't even remember him being a grumpy baby. Rachel was the grumpy one. Miriam was the sleepy one. Benjamin was the...suspicious one. That's the only word for it. He perked up eventually, though, and forgave us for his rough start to life.

He and Miriam look a lot alike now but I didn't ever see the resemblance when Benjamin was a baby. Now that I have his newborn pictures up beside her newborn pictures I can see it (especially his 6 week picture compared to her at two days old (keep in mind that at 6 weeks he hadn't quite reached his due date yet, and at two days old Miriam had just hit hers, so they're about the same gestational age in the two pictures)). The only difference is that he had tufts of dark hair and she had nothing but blonde peach fuzz.

Rachel's hoping Zoë will resemble her a little bit. I've been told people think the ultrasound pictures of Zoë do, though...they're ultrasound pictures, so...not the best quality image, really. I suppose time will tell. 

And now that I'm finished with this project I can start drafting a birth announcement for Zoë!

***edited to add:***

Here are Rachel and Miriam's birthday posters, which I may or may not have posted about in the past. I can't find the posts now and putting up new pictures was easier than looking through the archives.


  1. This was so fun to read. I especially like the part about Benjamin's name and stats. I had to look up King Benjamin as the only one I thought of was Rachel's son in the Old Testament.

    Do you have these for the girls posted on your blog? One of these days when I am old and have more time, i may hunt for them. Haha.

    What does Benjamin think of it?

    1. He's happy to have his picture on the wall and wanted to know why he was at the "gocky's" (doctor's). :)

    2. Oh,I just happened to actually come back to this post and saw the girls' posters! So neat. Thanks for sharing those! I liked reading about their names and stats. Also, it was interesting comparing the fertility rates from Rachel's birthday to Benjamin's and see how that dropped in those few years.

    3. Oh, good! I was going to send you a message to make sure you saw them but it was a little late so I was going to wait until the morning. :) I'm glad you saw them!

  2. These are super cute. I wish I had the fortitude to do these but seriously putting together first year baby books nearly killed me.... ;)

    1. How big are they? Picture size? Do you frame them?

    2. Yes; they're 8x11. We know because for the past three years we've had a frame up beside the girls with "8x11" screaming at us in a big, bold font, reminding us that we've completely neglected finishing Benjamin's poster. :)

      Fortunately for him, I did first year books this year for all the kids—Rachel, Miriam, and Benjamin—so while Rachel had to wait like seven years for a baby book, Benjamin only had to wait two!