Saturday, April 11, 2015

So much soccer

Miriam had her first soccer game this morning. Andrew drove, so on the way we listened to Wavin' Flag in three different languages so we could get "pumped up!" When I drive we don't usually listen to music, much to Benjamin's disappointment.

The game was...cute. The kids all crowded around the ball, taking turns kicking it, and scoring on whichever goal they happened to be closest to, whether it was their own or not. Without any goalies were were several goals scored, but a lot of those goals were technically own goals, not that it matters when you don't keep score. They were just happy to be out there playing.

Miriam's the one wearing the rainbow socks, Rachel's old shorts, and her jersey tucked in:

For some weird reason a bunch of the uniforms for the U5 teams were size medium so many of the kids look like they're running around in nightgowns. Others altered their shirts to make them shorter. Others still tied a rubber band on the back and ran around with a little duck tail the whole game. I don't know what they all did about their shorts/socks! Miriam's didn't even fit Rachel (who is wearing a pair of shorts we got at Target and her soccer socks from a few seasons ago because she ended up with a size medium uniform as well).

Those socks do make her easy to spot, though, don't they?

She played against her friend Rhett's team (he's on the far left):

Here she is taking a little break out in the field:

She did a bit of dancing around when she should've been chasing the ball, but overall she played a great game.

Benjamin was so proud of her!

Here she is, at it again—such determination!

When her game was finished we ran over to the church to drop off our scrap metal contributions. The scouts did a scrap metal drive as a fundraiser. I drove Andrew crazy by putting a bag out to collect cans in our kitchen, rather than taking them out with the regular recycling. He was quite glad to get rid of that. We also junked our push lawn mower that no longer cuts grass. We were rather impressed with how much metal they were able to collect—people had brought old appliances and things and the big container they had was pretty much full. Our contribution felt rather small, but we just didn't have a lot of scrap metal lying around.

We ran home after that for a quick lunch before Rachel's soccer game. I didn't get as many good pictures of Rachel because Andrew's her coach, which meant that he wasn't watching the game with me or entertaining children for me. The pictures I took were shots I grabbed between playing catch with Benjamin and playing catch with Benjamin (he decided that he was a soccer ball so instead of throwing the soccer ball to me he'd just jump at me).

I guess I got a few good pictures in during warm ups:

Rachel was so excited to get a different number on her jersey this year. The last few times she's played soccer she's been handed #3. This time she's #5! It's all completely random, but it was exciting nonetheless.

Benjamin loved participating in the warm ups:

He's totally got the hang of this soccer thing:

And here's Miriam chewing on a piece of grass while she watches the big girls play:

Here's Andrew being all coach-like:

And here are some actual action shots from the game:

Rachel's sad she's the only girl without cleats, but we told her that her coach doesn't mind if she only wears running shoes (the league doesn't mind either). Besides, just this school year she's jumped from a size one to a size three! She'd wear her cleats for, like, a week before they were too small for her.

I got socks for our Easter baskets and I had to get her and me the same size. I can still buy size five shoes from the children's section so I'm sure it won't be long before her feet are bigger than mine...

Look at her stride—all of a sudden that girl is all limbs!

Benjamin and Miriam were not happy about having to watch this soccer game; we ended up leaving for the playground at half-time (since Rachel didn't watch all of Miriam's soccer game either but went to kick a ball around with her friend Callin instead) but I told them that they could stick around at least until then:

I think this one was taken right after Rachel's team scored. You can tell she and her teammate are quite happy while the turquoise teammates are...not.

And here are a few pictures of Rachel taking the ball down the field:

It was a close game; I think Rachel's team ended up losing 6 to 7 (not that we actually keep score, mind you). They all played well.

Everyone had fun...but in the coming weeks I'm not sure we'll make everyone go to both games...because I'm not sure that everyone had that much fun. At any rate the little ones and I will probably do a lot more hanging out at the playground while Rachel's playing her game (not that I don't want to watch her play, just that my kids can be so whiny). 

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  1. I love seeing the girls play...especially the pictures from Miriam's game. Maybe because of the rainbow socks. I'm not sure. I love how expressive she is, and i like the bow in her hair.

    Rachel's game pictures are nice, too! Yes, she's really grown!