Saturday, April 04, 2015

Sleeping boy

I have a friend who lives in Hawaii and she posted on Facebook how she fell asleep on the couch last night, only to wake up at six o'clock in the morning to her husband turning on General Conference.

Poor thing! We're six hours ahead of her so we weren't up at 6 AM for conference. We don't have conference until noon, so when I got up to check my blood sugar in the morning (no sleeping in for diabetics but I really haven't been getting up as often in the night to pee now that I'm "controlling" my blood sugar so I guess that evens things out a bit) everyone in the house was still fast asleep.

Here's Benjamin chilling on the floor:

Who sleeps like that, really, with their hands behind their head?

Like my little brother Patrick, Benjamin sometimes reminds me of a comic book character. When he giggles he actually says, "Heeheehee." When he sneezes he actually says, "Achoo!" When he's being sneaky he does his best to tiptoe. Everything he does is characterized a little.

When he really wants to get a point across he will raise his little index finger and shake it in front of his face or wave it in the air. My little brother did this. My grandpa did this. My mom swears it's hereditary.

Anyway, with the beautiful spring weather we've been having I've been shooing the kids into the yard a lot. Benjamin's been playing hard and getting a lot of sun and never napping. This afternoon I think the week caught up with him and he fell asleep during the second session. I took a picture because (*sigh*) the days of him falling asleep on my lap are fleeting.

Doesn't he look angelic? He wasn't acting angelic in the minutes leading up to his crash in my lap, but he sure looked sweet after he fell asleep.

And here's one last picture just because...Andrew.

And, if anyone wants a potty training update, Benjamin has stayed dry the last four nights in a row, which is kind of a big deal for him. It's kind of stressing me out that he's still not sleeping through the night and isn't potty trained through the night yet because baby #4 is only a few weeks out and by the time she gets here he'll be as good as three.

Rachel was two years and three months old when Miriam was born. She was fully potty trained and had mostly stopped visiting me in the middle of the night (though putting her to bed was a different story).

Miriam was two years and seven months old when Benjamin was born. She was fully potty trained and had stopped visiting me in the middle of the night when she was just shy of two and I told her that I didn't nurse two-year-olds at four in the morning.

We're two months away from both Zoë's due date and Benjamin's third birthday (she's due the day before his birthday) and he's just starting to wake up dry...and rarely does he wake up in his own bed. 

While I'm confident I won't have to send him off to college this way, I am starting to feel a little impatient about getting his potty/sleep training days behind us since we'll be starting the whole cycle over again in a few months.

Basically, what I'm saying is...


  1. David did not sleep through the night until 2 weeks before you were born. Then he slept pretty goodish, but while you were sleeping like a champ, only waking up to nurse, within weeks of your birth, David was still coming into our bed, or coming in and falling asleep on your dad's clothes on the floor by the bed. It is hard, but in our family it is pretty miraculous when a child sleeps!

  2. Check out this similar sleeping position by Eleanor! Benjamin is adorable!

    1. I laughed when I saw what time you posted this, Danielle! :)

      And that is such a sweet picture of Eleanor—they're two peas in a pod, sleeping with their arms like that!