Saturday, April 18, 2015

Craft Night Service

We had our Relief Society craft night tonight. I didn't sign up for any crafts and was so worn out by the end of the day that I almost didn't go, but then Andrew reminded me that if I went he'd have to do bedtime on his own—that kind of sealed the deal for me.

I had wanted to go to help with the service project craft because it was my brainchild—or at least my suggestion. I told Andrew I'd stay until the kids were in bed. I ended up staying until 10 PM (but even then one child was still up reading so perhaps I kind of kept my word).

Part of the challenge of group service projects is finding something that is easy enough for everyone to do, yet that also fits a small budget. The no-sew stockinette hats from Angel Outfitters were perfect (I got the idea from the Teeny Tears website; my friend Krystal sews for them). People donated funds to pay for materials (all the crafts were pay-per-make so people would pay for something and send the "change" toward materials or simply make a direct donation) and then we sat around and made hats.

It was a fairly lonely table at the beginning of the evening because most people who came to craft night had signed up for multiple projects to do, but there were always a few working away with me, and toward the end of the evening our table was full.

We went through one whole roll of stockinette, which made 42 sets of hats—one to dress the baby in and a matching one for bereaved parents to have as a keepsake (so 84 hats total).

We're still working out donation details, but I think we're planning on donating them to Duke Regional Hospital. A sister in our ward delivered a stillborn son there years ago and still maintains a connection with their bereavement committee, so she's working things out for us.

We had a poster up where people could add the names of any angel babies they were thinking of while making the hats, but I think only two of us added any names.

I wrote up a quick list of names to take with me so that I could remember (though I'm sure I missed some family and friends):

  • Jess A. (that's actually in Amy's handwriting, not mine, because she got there first—but he certainly made my list, too)
  • Henry G.
  • Adam L.
  • Matthew L.
  • Adrianna G.
  • Kale B.
  • Miranda B.
  • Ammon H.
  • Olea H.
  • The Baker Twins
  • Fritz W.
  • Brooklyn W.
  • Afton T.
I think it was a lovely way to help us more fully embrace the purpose of Relief Society, because I truly believe that a large part of what we should be doing as a Relief Society is...relieving.

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  1. What a great idea! I will keep this in mind for our service activity in the fall. We are doing a version of Trading Tables this week in our ward. Keep the ideas coming! :)