Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Everyday is Earth Day

This evening was Rachel's musical performance at school, which made everyone feel a little harried at home. Fortunately we were all able to arrive at the school with smiles on our faces even if we didn't manage the same thing at the dinner table.

The flyer that was sent home gave us strict instructions to have the children report to their classrooms "no earlier than 6:40 PM," since the show was slated to begin promptly at 7:00.

We got there and had her in her classroom pretty much exactly at 6:40 on the dot, we walked into the gym and it was packed. I ran into Annie (Callin's mom) and we were both like, "What? How?" It was like 6:42, I kid you not. That was even part of the reason dinner was such a frenzy—we didn't want to get there and not be able to find seats like last year. But, there were no seats so we sent our husbands to get more chairs down and set them up. And then we sat and waited for twenty minutes for the program to start.

I wonder how long other parents were waiting (you know—the ones with the good seats (or any seat for that matter)).

Finally the kids came walking into the gym sporting their beautiful "recycled" costumes. The title of this year's performance was Every Day is Earth Day, so the kids were supposed to fashion an outfit out of recycled items over spring break. Some kids got really into it (one little boy (under the H in EARTH)) made a tree with applesauce packets for leaves) and others didn't. Rachel fell into the latter category.

She made a skirt out of some scrap material she found at Trading Tables, she made a belt out of egg carton pieces, she wore a hand-me-down shirt (which totally counts as helping the environment), and her crowning effort was the fez I helped her make out of a sour cream container and a scrap piece of fleece (because fezzes are cool).

She graced us with eye contact and a smile before the performance began:

And then she performed stoically, without looking in our direction at all:

It was a cute production. Rachel had a speaking part in addition to having to sing all the songs. I think her line was, "We should walk or cycle more and drive less." She did a great job facing such a large audience!

We were most happy that no one threw up this year.

Rachel has been rather interested in conservation lately, probably due in part to this program. I'm rather okay with that because when I was her age I started an "Earth Club" with my friends (it was fun; we'd research different animals and plants and things and share what we learned when we pick up trash around the neighbourhood (not that I was a nerd at all)). She's been making lists about what our family does to help the environment (as well as ways we could improve). 

Last month, she and Miriam made this poster during quiet time one Sunday and taped it to the front door:

It's still there because even though Easter has passed, Earth Day isn't until tomorrow. Happy Earth Day!

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