Sunday, April 05, 2020

Asleep (not asleep), Asleep (not asleep)

This little guy still routinely comes to climb into our bed. Some nights he prefers to fall asleep there to his own bed. Last night bedtime was especially tricky because the evening session of general conference overlaps with bedtime on this side of the world. I tried to watch it with Andrew and the girls, but Alexander did not want to stay upstairs without me even though Zoë and Benjamin were obediently having quiet reading time in their beds so he had plenty of company.

"I berry miss you!" he told me, so I let him watch the rest of the first half of that conference session with us and then put him in his bed and sat in the hallway listening to the second half of the session while he fell asleep (he kept a close eye on me to make sure I didn't move from the hallway).

He got up again while I was finishing up a family newsletter with the same little plea, "Can I sleep in your bed? I berry miss you!"

So I let him climb into my bed to fall asleep to the sounds of my fingers pounding on the keyboard. Here he is passed out on my pillow:

I put him back in his own bed before Andrew and I went to bed, but where do you think he woke up this morning? In bed with us again, of course...

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