Sunday, April 19, 2020

Guessing game

After church today (or part of church today? (Where does church even end, officially?)) we played Speak It Not, which is kind of like Taboo but with LDS-themed words. We had a good time.

Poor Miriam had a hard time understanding the rules and on her first turn she selected a word from the list of taboo words, described it, and had us guess that word instead of the actual word on her card. Oops.

Her next turn went so quickly—because she described her word so well—that we all shouted out the word right away.

"Darn it!" she said. "You got it!"

"" we explained. "Getting it is the point of the game. If we were really playing we'd have the timer running and you'd try to get us to guess as many cards as possible before it ran out."


On her last turn she was trying to get us to guess the word "plant," and we just weren't getting it.

It didn't help that she lead in with: "This is sometimes poisonous and sometimes not."

"Tomatoes?" Rachel asked.




"Anything in the nightshade family?" I asked.




"Pokeberries!" Benjamin guessed. "What? You have to boil them three times before you can eat them!"

"No!" Miriam said, and instead of simply telling us to think more generally she continued trying to get us to guess. "Think. It comes from a little tiny thing..."

"Mustard?" I asked. "Faith is like..."

"Yes!" Miriam said. "Like what?"

"A little seed," I said.

"Exactly! Yes. So this thing comes from a...what you said."

"If we guess one of the words on the card you can say it," Andrew said.

"Oh, cool!" Miriam said. "PLANT!"

"No! Not the word! Just the word on the list of words you can't say!"

It was pretty funny. Benjamin was really quite good at coming up with synonyms, not necessarily for the word on his card but for every word on his taboo list. He had the word "parent" and couldn't say "mother," "father," or "baby."

"Mom, dad, child," he said. "Who are mom and dad to the child?"



Poor Andrew had a hard time getting us to guess Noah. He also was coming up with synonyms quite readily but we had a hard time putting two and two together (see what I did there?).

"A vessel for water," he said.

"Jug?" I asked.

"No," he asid.

"Jar? Vase?"

"Bigger!" he said. "Like you use it on the water, not put water in it. And there are couples of animals...."

"Yoke?" I asked.

"Not like oxen, necessarily. But, like other kinds of mammals. And reptiles, too. Anything that might be in a zoo, really."

"Ark!" one of the kids said.

"Yes! And who owns it?"


I mean, we got there. It was a funny way to end our church day (after sacrament meeting, of course, which we've really enjoyed having in our own living room, and singing time, and a lesson). 

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