Sunday, April 05, 2020

An afternoon sprinkle

On Friday while Andrew was out shopping I took the kids for a walk around the block and then (because we'd seen the neighbours splashing in their kiddie pool) I let them talk me into pulling the sprinkler out. It's still a little chilly for the sprinkler, in my opinion, but I don't have to get in it so I figured if the children wanted to play in freezing cold water they were more than welcome to. 

I was reminded of little Auntie Josie, who wanted to play in the sprinkler one day when it was probably too chilly to actually play in the sprinkler but Auntie Abra set it up for her anyway. She ran into the water then just stood there crying, "It's cold! It's cold! It's cold!" (just as you'll hear Alexander squeal in the video below). "Then step out!" Abra said. 

"Oh," Josie sniffed, taking a step away from the sprinkler. 

She had been a little too close to the project to see the solution, I guess. 

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the kids enjoying the spray:

And here they are enjoying the sunshine a little bit, as well (gotta warm up in between sessions in the freezing cold hose water):

Zoë in this swimsuit is cracking me up. It is size 18M. She will be five years old next month. She has been wearing this swimsuit for literal years. She is so much bigger than she was when we first put her in this swimsuit but somehow she keeps squishing herself into it year after year after year (here she is wearing it in 2017, for reference). She loves it and I don't know how we'll ever convince her to wear a different swimsuit.

But I suppose others have it worse. Rachel has no swimsuit at all. And she has no hope of cramming herself into her suit from years and years and years ago. So we'll have to figure out how to procure one of those in this time of COVID-19. Not that the pool will be open in May. But, like, we might be able to swim other places. Maybe. Honestly we lived through our last summer in Georgia (which was our first summer) without a pool and it was slightly hot and miserable and I was so looking forward to using a pool this summer. Or going to the beach. Or anything. we are...with a sprinkler in our front yard.

At least we have a hose this year!

Before you watch this cute-astrophic clip (that's cute + catastrophic), I just wanted to give a little disclaimer: Miriam is fine. I was 100% concerned about her back/head. She was 100% concerned about her foot. She limped the rest of the day Friday and all day yesterday but today she is (almost) completely fine (she was a little slow on our family walk this evening but she was no longer limping).

I realize having the sprinkler right by the rocks might not be the best idea but our sprinkler has a flat base even though the picture on the box shows a base with a spike. That spike would be awfully useful to have because the minute water starts shooting through the sprinkler it falls over, so we propped it up by the rocks to (1) keep it upright and (2) because it was making the lawn all muddy and slippery and the kids wanted to jump on the pavement rather than in the mud (weirdos). But also the lawn was really slippery. Apparently.

I repeat: Miriam is fine.

I'm not sure she'll be leaping through the sprinkler and over a rock wall any time soon, but she's fine.

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