Thursday, April 30, 2020

The ants ate my internet

Rachel was in the middle of a zoom class session (and Andrew was in the middle of working but wasn't in a live meeting) when the internet cut out. It was on one minute and out the next. After checking all our equipment Andrew gave the internet company a call and they gave us an appointment for tomorrow—at 7 PM! That would mean we'd have to make it through an entire day without the internet, which under any other circumstances might have been inconvenient, but which under this specific set of circumstances sounded rather horrible.

We're doing everything remotely these days so the internet has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Not that it was necessarily a luxury before; we depend on the internet for a lot of things. It's just more necessary these days and living without it for a day and a half seemed pretty close to a crisis.

Andrew had to run out to pick up some things from the hardware store this afternoon. Turns out we're going to learn how to reglaze our windows (oh, boy)! When he went to leave the house he noticed that there was an internet repair vehicle on our street so he wandered over there to see what was going on.

Lucky us! They were already fixing our internet (and not because we called them so I'm not quite sure how they knew to be working there). Apparently a colony of ants decided the neighbourhood junction box would be a good place for a home and they chewed through all the cables, cutting out internet to our street. It took several hours to fix but clearly we're back online!

And I would write more but...I have to go put Alexander to bed again.

In all honesty, I've been enjoying this quieter time at home with our kids without any pulls from schools or music lessons or other activities. But right now I'm a little finished with these kids. Zoë didn't fall asleep until after 11:30 today (she has not been going to sleep well lately (she has not really been sleeping in either (she is super grumpy))) so when Alexander got up the first time (around 11:00) she asked what he was doing out of bed (and had clearly not yet been asleep, herself). I got them both back in bed and asleep and now Alexander is here again.

I'll probably put him back to bed three or four more times tonight and eventually we'll end up in an exhausted heap together only to peel ourselves out of bed at an hour that feels far too early (but is probably quite late).

So, like, I love having my kids home. I love homeschooling. I even love quarantine (never leaving the house is the dream, right?). But I would like to just spend, like, half an hour not being touched.

Just...that would be neat to maybe see what that's like.

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