Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Hammer hand and Driveway Derby (videos)

As promised, here's the sad video of Alexander sneaking his little hand under the hammer (poor baby):

And here's an unrelated video from the same day of Zoë sending him down the driveway in a too-small-for-him wagon. At least she thought to put a helmet on him!

It was like some wild driveway derby she concocted! I caught them doing it through the window and figured I may as well film it before I put a stop to it (since although it looked rather unsafe he hadn't yet fallen (to my knowledge)). Riding down the driveway is technically against the rules because the driveway is insanely steep (like, insanely steep, guys (I'm not sure I can emphasize that enough)).

Of course while I was filming it he fell over!

I love how Zoë asks him with such genuine concern, "Are you okay?" before tacking on, "You have a helmet!"

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  1. Oh yay...I think I fixed the comment problem! Firefox was protecting my privacy, and I turned it off for this safe space (your blog.)

    I'm glad the kids had fun outside, but ouch, Little Alexander!