Sunday, April 19, 2020

Glow Stick Dance

My sister Kelli sent us a huge box of glow sticks and challenged us to put on a stickman dance show for her. How can you say no to that?!

Yesterday was our big day. We started putting together our costumes while Andrew was out on his biweekly shopping trip (and I mean the "every two weeks" sense of the word, not "twice a week" (that would be insane)). I thought it would take only a few minutes since I'd seen tutorials online claiming it to be a 15 or 20 minute project. They weren't wrong, I suppose, until you multiply that by six. It took us nearly two hours to make our costumes and we made the very unfortunate decision to put Alexander in his costume first so he had to sit in his costume for nearly two hours while we got everyone else ready.

He was a pretty good sport about it, but having glow sticks attached to your body isn't exactly as comfortable as it sounds (does it sound comfortable?) and they do impede your movement quite a bit.

We all dressed in dark pants and a hooded jacket (though not all of us had dark hooded jackets we at least all had hoods) and then set about attaching the glow sticks. We used a lot of clear packing tape trying to get the glow sticks to stay on but it really wasn't working very well (and we weren't going to glue gun pins to glow sticks to pin them onto our clothes, as we saw one tutorial do, nor glue them directly to our clothes or anything) so we enlisted the help of several elastics (or rubber bands, whatever you'd like to call them). We used little claw hair clips to attach our glow stick heads to our hoods, and then used elastics as our shoulders, above and below our elbows, and at our wrists (and then again at our ankles, above and below our knees, and up high on our thighs). That seemed to work at lot better than the tape (or at least better in conjunction with the tape because we didn't actually take the time to peel the tape off of ourselves).

My mom asked how we got our house so dark. Easy! We filmed in the Lego room; there are no windows in that part of the basement so when the lights are off it is pitch black (which is why we had so much pity for Benjamin when he got trapped down there while playing Lego in a power outage). Using this particular venue also inspired us to actually clean up down there. We got every last piece of Lego picked up and put away, which was a feat in and of itself!

Andrew came home just in time to film us dancing, which was great because I wasn't sure how I was going to make it from behind the camera in the dark.

Without further ado, here are a few videos of our little glow stick dance off (Alexander really has some wild moves; he also hated his costume so much):

It was a very entertaining afternoon!


  1. I love Alexander rocking back and forth so much 🤣

  2. Oh my heart! THAT was awesome. Thanks for the entertainment. Greatly appreciated.