Friday, April 17, 2020

Oh, dear: blasts from the past

"I decided to read the blog from the very beginning," Rachel informed me this evening.

Huh. I wonder what drove her to deciding that. It's not like we've been stuck at home for a month with absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do...oh, wait.

"And how's that been for you so far?" I asked her, giggling nervously.

Even I haven't delved back into the archives for a thorough re-read.

"Wellllllll," she said, trying to think of how to put things gently. "Let's just say your writing has really improved. Like, a lot."

I guess I'll take that as a compliment but I'm not sure I'll be reading the blog from cover to cover any time soon. Do blogs even have covers?

Speaking of going back to the beginning, however, here's Zoë wearing an outfit eerily similar to the outfit Rachel wore on her first day of grade one...

Zoë today, a month shy of turning five:

Rachel in 2013, a few days shy of turning six:

I'm sure I have those shorts Rachel has on somewhere. I'm equally sure that I have a picture of Rachel wearing this bright green shirt with that sky-blue tennis skirt somewhere. Also somewhere: a picture of Miriam in this same outfit (unfortunately, I don't think she ever wore it on a landmark day (such as the first day of a school year) so it's not sticking out in my mind).

Anyway, it was fun to see Zoë wearing this well-loved outfit today. And using such a well-loved water bottle!

This water bottle is Miriam's old one from our Durham days. Grandma gave her an official CamelBak water bottle when we moved to Utah so she abandoned this one (and we got some different ones that aren't so prone to spilling for the younger kids to keep by their beds).

These water bottles are nice, however, because they're easier to share from without sharing as many germs (we are really working at not sharing germs at our house (it is really not going well because my children are such generous sharers (and takers))).

"I taught Alexander how to waterfall," Miriam told me.

"You what now?" I asked.

"How to waterfall," she repeated slowly (so that my old mind could comprehend). "Like, he can drink from a water bottle without putting his lips on it now!"

Here he is going in for a drink:

(Miriam is using Rachel's old Durham-style water bottle, for the record)
And here he is actively waterfalling (because that's definitely a verb at our house now):

It's so nice to have all these kids to keep me on my toes (and happy to be living in the present).


  1. Those water bottles are the best! And they last FOREVER, we still have the ones we got the girls years and years ago and sometimes I steal one for myself because they are so handy!

    Not sure how I feel about our kids reading our blogs...

    1. We got these water bottles based on your recommendation years ago! :)