Friday, August 07, 2015

And when the moon shines over the cow shed...

By my estimation we shipped off 451.5 ounces (about 3.5 gallons) of my milk this morning, but I just got a call telling me they'd thawed and measured it—495 ounces (about 3.8 gallons)! I was 50 ounces off, which makes sense because I round quite a bit when I record the amount on the bags.

It's not an exact science (on my end).

We managed to completely rid our freezer (and one freezer across the street) of breastmilk and filled our big cooler:

Now we only have (approximately) 8.5 ounces of milk in our freezer (from this morning). It sure feels liberating to have all that space back, though I'm sure we'll fill it again in the next couple of weeks.

Next week (whenever that shipping container gets to me) I'll be sending out another batch (I still have milk in one house across the street and one house across town) and then I'll be quiet on the milk front for a while.


  1. Hey Nancy, I was just looking up the milk jingle the other day still trying to find the tune. You should have elaborated on how you got your title, but you didn't so I will. It is a cute Canadian milk commercial jingle from the late 70's early 80's and the words are "m-m-m-moo cows...m-m-m-make's the o-only drink that we adore...wh-when the m-moon shines...over the cow shed...we hope the cows are makin' plenty more!" I only wish I could find the tune that goes with it because the words just don't do justice.

    1. Thanks Nancy I have been looking for that for quite a while.

    2. The commercial is in turn based upon a WW I song: K-K-K-Katy.

  2. I am just in awe of that milk. I wish, SO much, that you could live close to me. Then you could give me the milk without all the hassle! But I guess those NICU babies need the milk more than my baby. :)