Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zoë at 10 weeks

Here's my beautiful, chubby baby down for an afternoon nap:

She's somewhat settled into a nighttime pattern of going to bed between 9 and 11 (after cluster feeding like mad) and then sleeping until 3 or 4 before waking up to eat again. It's rather nice.

Her daytime schedule is still rather sporadic. Sometimes we wake up for the day at 6 AM. Other days we sleep in until 9:00! She usually sleeps in the afternoon, though I can never seem to predict when she'll conk out.

She doesn't cry much, unless Benjamin or her tummy is bothering her, and a nice walk outside can usually cheer her up.

She loves to kick her legs and pump her arms. She likes to be talked to and her smiles are coming more and more frequently.

I was trying to get her to smile for the camera this afternoon, actually, when Miriam decided to get a drink of ice water from the fridge. Ice came clattering down the chute and Zoë's smile dissolved; she pursed her lips together to get all ready to cry.

We see this face a lot, actually, but sometimes if you catch her soon enough you can cheer her up before she actually starts crying. It's her trying-to-be-brave face.


  1. Don't tell Rachel, but I think her hair is going to be blonde.

    1. Don't jinx things, Crystal!

    2. Brunette! Brunette! Brunette!

    3. ;). You both know you are starting to get worried too :). Her hair totally reminds me of Ezras which came in brown, feel all out by six months and the. Was those golden curls by two. On the positive thoughts side though he is now fair brunette at eleven so there is that ;)

    4. * totally drives me nuts I can't correct my comments :).