Friday, August 21, 2015

So, this happened...

I met with the principal, AIG coordinator, and Miriam's kindergarten teacher today and we unanimously decided that moving Miriam into grade one would be a good idea. More on that later, but until then, here is the face of the world's newest kindergarten graduate:

Notice anything about her smile?

She's had a wiggly tooth for a while and today we went to ukulele at the Hennessees and Miriam was showing everybody how loose her tooth was.

"I bet you could just pull it out," someone said. I don't know who it was; there were so many children crowding around her (there are nine kids between Laura and I).

"How could I?" Miriam asked. "Like this?"

And she grabbed that tooth and yanked it out.

"Wha-a-a-a-t!?" she screamed shrilly. Then she ran around showing everybody. "It came out! It came out!" Blood was pooling in her mouth. "It came out! It came out!"

Laura got her a drink of water and a ziplock bag for her tooth. Needless to say she's very excited for bed this evening—the tooth fairy is coming for her!

Oh, and Andrew made Atlantic Beach Pie as a chaser to the nice southern meal he made for us while we were at ukulele practice (grits (from West Point on the Eno), sausage, eggs, and green beans). It was pretty darn good.

Andrew and Benjamin had one piece. Rachel and Miriam had two pieces. And I had...three pieces.

I've dropped below my pre-pregnancy weight, which isn't ever really a goal of mine. I'm not saying this to brag, but, like, gaining weight can be a real challenge for me. So I don't like to get below my pre-pregnancy weight because getting back up to my pre-pregnancy weight is then really hard. But I've managed to do it after each baby.

Extra pie helps.

A bit.


  1. Now she can say she lost her first tooth in kindergarten. Wouldn't be able to say that if it had waited until next week! I'm so glad she is going to move to first grade; I think it's a better place for her and her cute little toothless grin!

  2. Yay, Miriam! She looks so much older with shorter hair. Hard to believe she's almost a first grader already! ;)

    And hooray for three pieces of pie. Looks good.

    Green beans with that meal made me do a double-take. Interesting combination! :)

  3. Green beans make make it better! Hooray for vegetables! And Hooray for Miriam's early graduation! And Hooray for Miriam's first tooth fairy experience-to-be!

  4. This means that with the exception of e and z all our kids will be in the same grades :)

    1. That's because we had a good schedule going on. I had a baby approximately six months after you did three times in a row. When you had Cheetah I thought, "Oh, no! She ruined our schedule by coming early" (I mean, I thought that among other, more sympathetic, things). Little did I know, Benjamin had plans to keep us right on track.

      So I was super paranoid about Zoë this pregnancy because of all the bleeding I had at the beginning...thinking about you and your last pregnancy experience. :(

      Anyway, it was fun to follow in your footsteps for a few years. :)