Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tummy Time

Zoë's really warming up to tummy time. Sure, sometimes she'll still bury her face on the floor and scream about it ("Please don't make me do this!"), but other times she's all smiles. This morning we tried some tummy time and she was not in the mood so she was screaming and rubbing her face on the floor.

"Why doesn't she just turn her head to the side and rest if she doesn't want to lift her head up?" Rachel asked.

I don't know because that would make more sense, wouldn't it? But since when do small children make sense? I'm betting this is one of many reasons the back-to-sleep campaign was started—babies don't just think of turning their heads to the side to breathe.

Anyway, Zoë thought tummy time was a pretty okay activity for this afternoon and spent a few minutes "playing" with us from her tummy:

We're sure enjoying the fact that her smiles pop up more and more frequently!

Zoë doesn't quite understand how to use her arms yet, though she has started to grab onto my shirt or my arm when I'm holding her. She's a monkey, though, and uses her feet to grab things. She likes to grab the bars of her little play mat with her feet; when she wiggles all the toys dance for her and she seems to like that.

When I lay her down in my lap she wraps her legs around my waist; it always startles her when I pick her back up again because I have to break the grip her legs had on me (for some reason I can never remember that she always squeezes me with her legs) and then she cries. It's kind of funny—I don't remember any of my other babies using their feet quite as much as Zoë does!

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  1. Hmmm... looks like you need to update your "about us" section and picture, too. :) Now that you have another kid and Rachel isn't in kindergarten anymore, and 2015 is almost over.