Sunday, August 09, 2015


We really need to get to bed, but first I'm going to tell you a story. Because I feel like I've been doing all the stupid stuff around the house lately. But Andrew just evened up the score.

Andrew's now the co-president of GradParents. They're hosting a pool party next week and Andrew figures we should go...since he's the co-president and all. We've somehow managed to miss every single activity the past three years.* Because we're super social people.

Anyway, in order to be an official "club" they have to register with the school every year. To do that, they had to complete an anti-hazing statement, which is just a bunch of rules you promise to obey in order to prevent hazing from occurring. They listed some items that might be considered hazing, such as, "sleep deprivation or interruption of consecutive sleep hours."

"We might run into issues there," Andrew said.

If parenting is a club—which apparently it is—then there's some serious hazing going on in this house right now. Any parents out there not experiencing "sleep deprivation or interruption of consecutive sleep hours"? Show of hands? Anyone? Bueller?

So, Andrew's been working on a grant proposal this evening. That, and a long email updating his main advisor on the work he's been doing the last little while. He just finished up and clicked send.

"Your message was sent to Ken Rogerson," his computer told him.

"Ack! No!" Andrew said. "I was supposed to send that to Judith!"

He wrote and email explaining to Ken that he meant to send that email to Judith but sent it to him by mistake—and complained about having 9 AM church (Ken is in our ward) and mentioned that we should, in theory, empty his freezer of milk soon (I'm using their freezer to store the milk that won't fit in our freezer). He finished up and clicked send.

"Your message was sent to Judith Kelley," his computer told him.

"Ack! No!" Andrew laughed. "It just keeps getting worse!"

So he's busy writing an email telling Judith that he meant for that message to be sent to Ken and for the first message to be sent to her. Let's all cross our fingers he gets the right person in the "to" field...

We're a little sleep deprived over here.

*Not quite true! Once Andrew went to a lunch and got free t-shirts for the kids. But he went to the lunch alone and only for food and free t-shirts. I guess we'll have to actually make an effort to get everyone out of the house, but leaving the house is so hard.

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