Saturday, August 08, 2015

What else can we donate?

Miriam's been torn between growing her hair out until Halloween and cutting it off right now. She been trying to decide between being Rapunzel (again) or being Elsa and she needed long blonde hair for either person. I was rooting for keeping her hair through October. Andrew, however, has been rooting for cutting it off right now and has been talking about how easy it will be to brush and how she'll no longer get food and toothpaste and small woodland creatures stuck in her hair (at least not as much). But then I would tell her how beautiful her long hair is (I always wished I could grow my hair that long but I never managed it), trying to win with vanity. But then Andrew told her that she could donate her hair to children in need, appealing to her philanthropic instincts, and she was sold. There was no going back.

This evening we went swimming and then washed and dried Miriam's long, long hair. Andrew helped with the drying part while I nursed Zoë and I think everyone had a lot of fun with that (except Rachel, who was off reading).

She wore her Rapunzel pyjamas for the occasion; how fitting.

Here she is after I chopped off the first section of hair (I'm not sure she realized how much 10 inches actually is):

Here she is after I chopped off all five sections of her hair:

And here she is after I finished evening it up (as even as my lowly hairdressing skills allow for, that is):

She checked herself out in the mirror and thought her haircut turned out pretty cute; I'm glad she's happy with it. If it had been me at that age I'm sure I would have cried buckets of tears, but not this girl. She was flouncing her hair and talking to herself in the mirror, without a lick of hair-cut remorse; she's too full of self-love to second guess a fashion decision.

She'll be donating her hair to Locks of Love to help make hairpieces for children who suffer from diseases causing permanent hair loss (like alopecia, which one of her cousins has).

Zoë was the first bald child to try on Miriam's hair and she was (surprise, surprise) not impressed with it at all.

I'm sure the child who actually gets Miriam's hair will be happier about it than Zoë was, but everyone else in the family really enjoyed Blonde Zoë. We couldn't stop laughing!

So, this week we've donated milk and we've donated hair.

What else can we donate without undergoing a medical procedure, I wonder...?


  1. So funny! Zoe must be a brunette under all that baldness, though, because the blonde hair just doesn't seem to fit. Also...Miriam might decide to be Snow White. Or Red Riding Hood. Because I just finished sewing a reversible cape, blue on one side, red on the other, and the Snow White top is next!