Wednesday, August 05, 2015

What my mornings look...

The other day...or night...I tried to adjust my covers but couldn't. They were stuck firmly out of place. I lifted my head to see what the deal was and there was Benjamin, sleeping soundly at the foot of the bed. He looked as if he had stumbled through our door and just collapsed on the bed before he could bother waking either of us up to tell us what he wanted. I was too tired to move him back to his own bed so I left him there, adjusting my legs so that I wouldn't accidentally kick him off the bed, and snuggled next to Zoë.

Four in the bed is a little bit crowded, but it's nice to be surrounded by so much love.

On the mornings when Benjamin wakes up in his own bed, he quickly runs into my room and jumps into bed with Zoë and me (because that's usually where we can be found (Andrew's been doing bus duty in the morning—because he's a rockstar)). I don't mind so much but, truth be told, Benjamin kind of freaks Zoë out.

Her face reads, "I'm not so sure about this. Save me! Why is he still here?!" while his says something more along the lines of, "I'm so funny. Actually, I'm hilarious! And I'm totally rocking this big brother thing."

They'll sort their relationship out eventually, I suppose.

In completely unrelated news, Zoë's desperately trying to be an ear-pulling thumb-sucker but her coordination isn't quite there yet, poor thing. Her hands keep hitting herself in the face and she just can't get her thumb out of her fist.

We were still in our pyjamas at 10:15 this morning when I pulled up the library's webpage to look at tomorrow's event schedule, when I noticed that there was a performance scheduled for this morning by a performing theatre troupe. The show was called "Jack Tales" and it began at 10:30.

Benjamin's been a bit obsessed with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk ("Giants in the Sky" is one of his favourite songs currently) so I thought he'd enjoy this, too. But we were still in our pyjamas! Could we make it out the door in time?!

We could. And we did.

Nary a one of us looked very cute but we all made it out the door fully clothed, with food in our bellies, and fresh diapers on (for those of us still in diapers). The library parking lot was packed and there was only one parking spot left and—you guys—I parked in it!

You do realize this means that I parked between two other cars. (Someone be proud of me).

The show was fun; Benjamin's been quoting little bits of it all afternoon and he loved having something special to share at the dinner table.

The girls came home from school early because it was an early release day. They wanted to go to the pool but it was so hot that we just couldn't (if we didn't have the baby it would be another story but she's too young for sun screen and so forth) so the kids played school instead.

Andrew came home from work early to fix the window of our van. They went out to catch the bus yesterday and found the window was completely rolled down (Rachel discovered this because she's in the habit of hitting the windows as she walks by the van and was taken by surprise when her hand went right through the window...because the window wasn't there).

We've had this happen to us before, about three years ago (when Benjamin was a baby), so we knew what had happened and how to fix it (the window regulator broke, we ordered it from Amazon, and then Andrew spent an hour and a half fixing it this afternoon (which was a whole lot faster than the first time he fixed it—so kudos)).

He's just been saving us left and right—getting up in the mornings with the girls, fixing the van, oh, and saving me from the children late at night.

Rachel's a sleep walker. I hate it. It's not natural.

Sleep talking creeps me out as well, but I'm fairly used to that after being married to Andrew for so long (going on a decade here). Rachel doesn't just talk, though. She'll sit up in bed and stare straight at me with a wild look in her eyes and...spew complete nonsense. It creeps me out.

Last night we were up too late (kind of like tonight). Andrew was working and I was folding a massive pile of laundry ("How is there always so much laundry?!" I asked Andrew the other day. "You're doing laundry for six people, two of whom aren't proficiently toilet trained," he said. "Good point," I said). Rachel stumbled out of her bedroom and started opening Benjamin's door.

"Rachel, what are you doing?" I asked.

She turned and looked at me with that crazy I'm-asleep-and-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing look and muttered something.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?" I asked her.

She took a step toward me.

"Ack! No! Don't do that! Stay where you are! Andrew! Help me! Rachel's sleepwalking again and it's creeping me out! Help, help, help!"

I was close to tears. He laughed at me for a long time about that.

"It's just Rachel," he assured me.

"Yeah, but it's sleepwalking Rachel."

"All you have to do is point her in the right direction," he said.

I don't care what I have to do. Sleepwalking is freaky. I think I must have a somnambulism phobia...or something.

The struggle is real.


  1. She and a lot of people do it, therefore it is natural...maybe just not normal, and certainly creepy. Once my sister almost peed on my bed. I worked up and started screaming..."The bathroom is one door down. Get out of here.". At least she stayed in the house. My brother meanwhile would leave. Then wake up wandering the neighborhood, have to walk home and knock on the window until someone opened the door. Talk about creepy ;)

  2. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ABOUT PARKING BETWEEN TWO CARS! Major accomplishment! Go you!