Monday, August 31, 2015

Baptism talk preview

The children's sacrament meeting presentation is coming up and Rachel was asked to write a talk about baptism. This evening she came up with a draft. We'll be bulking some parts up (it needs to be about twice as long) and softening some other parts (because sometimes you need to just leave it at the polite way of saying things):

Hi, I'm Rachel Heiss and I was asked to give a talk on why I was baptized. I got baptized because I knew it is a commandment from Heavenly Father and, Jesus was baptized, so if it's that important I thought I should get baptized too. A scripture says "if men ye are not born of water and of the spirit, ye cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven." That is just, in a polite way, saying: If you are not baptized then you cannot go to heaven. I DO want to go to heaven so I did.

I bear my testimonie that getting baptized was a good choice and that you should do it too!

In the name...etc.

There's so much about this talk this is just great.

Andrew started smiling when he noticed she erased "men" and replaced it with "ye." She's our little feminist.

I couldn't help but smile at "just, in a polite way, saying..."

On the whole a fabulous first draft, I'll say.


  1. I hate how unfeminist some Bible translations are, too, with all that "man" and "he" talk!

    Interesting testimony here! I didn't know that about your faith. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and I remember when it made sense to spell baptized that way! I went to a Babtist church much of my life. ;)

    1. I hope you don't think we're *that* harsh. We do believe that it's in and through the Saviour that we'll be admitted to heaven...and that baptism is a fundamental part of receiving the Saviour in our lives (taking his name upon us and everything). Just the way she's worded it makes it sound more dire than I think it is because we also believe in forgiveness and second-chances and life-long journeys (and baptism for the dead for those unable to hear the gospel in this life).

    2. Oh, and I love that you went to the Babtist church. :) So cute. I struggled with "baptize" but..."baptism?" I always wanted to throw a z to make it baptizm.

    3. Yes, that whole Z and S thing....baptize, baptism.

      I just didn't think Mormons believed in much of a hell for anyone so I was a little surprised at how it was worded, but I guess she meant the highest heaven. And, we believe in Christ's work on the cross and following Him for salvation so I can see the need for baptism (although I don't believe it's required for admittance into heaven since the thief on the cross didn't have time for it.) For me, baptism is more an outward statement to others that we are following Christ, but I have a Christian (type of church) friend in Georgia who believes it IS a requirement for salvation.

      Neat to learn more about your beliefs. Glad you shared about that, and I enjoyed reading Rachel's rough draft!

    4. You're right. We don't believe in much of a hell for anyone. :) We believe in degrees of glory—each glorious (and we believe in baptism for the dead (by proxy of course) so those unable to be baptized in this life can have the opportunity to do so in the next (baptism for the dead in no was "forces" people, rather it's an invitation to accept). Anyway, it's always fun to share and to hear about your beliefs, too!