Wednesday, August 19, 2015

People Portraits

I just went through a load of papers on my desk. I swear my kids put every piece of paper they touch on my desk. I do my best to keep it clear but paper multiples there. A bunch of it ended up in the recycling bin today, but I took pictures first, of course.

Miriam gave our FHE lesson this week. It was on friendship and for her game she had us hold a picture of a Nephite and a Lamanite that she'd drawn. We were supposed to make them fight because Nephites and Lamanties aren't a good example of friends.

I love the attention she gave to their muscles.

Here's a picture of the Eleventh Doctor that she scrapped (but that Andrew and I really liked):

This is a portrait of Miriam on her first day of kindergarten:

This is a picture Rachel drew—for Mother's Day (did I already post it?):

Here's a picture Miriam drew of Miriam and Rachel as fairies:

Here is a portrait that Miriam drew of Rachel while Rachel was drawing a portrait of me:

Rachel drew me with wrinkles (surely they're not that pronounced):

This was an assignment Miriam did at school. They had to tell about a time they did something wrong. She did a great job drawing the finer details of our living room (the clock and the star) but my very favourite part are her knees.

My cousin Michelle posted an article about reading readiness and proprioception. So the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture (again—I saw it when it first got placed on my desk as well) was, "Miriam is very aware of her knees."

Here's a picture of Miriam with Grandma:

And here's a picture Rachel made in art class. It's a self-portrait of herself painting a self-portrait. Very meta.

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