Wednesday, August 19, 2015

If your children have a day off school...

You'll probably make them help you mop the floor.

Mopping the floor will make them hot and thirsty.

They'll probably ask for a drink of water—with ice!

Getting the ice will remind them that there are freezies in the freezer.

They'll want one of those, too.

So you'll tell them they may have one each—but only if they eat it outside.

They'll probably spill an impressive amount on their way out the door, anyway.

This was not the only chunk of freezy on my floor...

Melting sugar water will make your floors sticky...again...

So you'll have to get out the mop.

Cleaning up their never-ending messes will probably make you wish your children were back in school. (But having your children back in school will probably make you wish they could just have a day off to spend with you)!

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  1. Giving Laura Numeroff a run for the money...or mop...